Battery System for CNS.

Standby Power for Comms Nav aids Surveillance

The ADSUM is in use at London Airports and Regionally. The ADSUM was designed to meet a British Airports Authority requirement to provide Standby Power in the case of a Mains failure. The challenge was to meet a 10 year guarantee with minimal or ideally no maintenance.

A DC UPS (ADSUM) is available to support the 1240 CNS Multiplexer & other Equipment loads for 24Vdc or 48Vdc Battery Systems, up to 250W & more then 24Hrs.

Each 1240 CNS Multiplexer requires less then 20W. Batteries are mounted internally for requirements up to 60W 4Hrs.

ADSUM format is 19inch x 1U x 40cm. For greater Standby Power the Batteries can be mounted on a Cabinet shelf.


DC UPS Power Supply

Back Up Power and Battery Charger

Easy to install

Compact size

The ADSUM has a mains powered single phase transformer/ rectifier combination to provide the raw dc supply used by the stable dc/dc converter units which power the communication terminal modules. It also charges the battery which supplies back up power in the event of a mains failure. Should the mains supply fail; the supervisory circuits will give an alarm and continuously monitor the battery voltage, giving another alarm if this falls to low. The battery will be disconnected if its charge drops dangerously low to avoid damage. Upon the reapplication of a mains supply, an indicator will show that the battery is low until it has accumulated sufficient charge.

If the batteries circuit becomes open, this also triggers an alarm. It is recommended to periodically test the Standby Power. The frequency of the testing is dependent on the Business case (assessing the impact on the Business of the Standby Power not functioning as intended and the cost to carry out the test). The 10C3 Chassis incorporating the ADSUM is designed to deliver continuous power with battery backup for installed communication modules. Data and signals can be exchanged between the Chassis.

10C3 monitoring and signalling for:

Mains on

Battery connected

Battery disconnected

Battery low

No mains

Signals are given on the LED panel and via DB-9 connector located on front panel for use by an external monitoring/alarm system. When mains supply reapplied an indicator will show “Battery low” until it has accumulated sufficient charge.

In case of battery discharge to dangerous level, battery will be disconnected. 10C3 is able to provide power for external devices up to 20W load via two DC connectors located on rear panel.

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