About us

About us

Design and manufacture of Comm Network & Monitoring Equipment.

FTI specialises in Communication Systems designing and manufacturing high integrity networks and equipment

FTI has 35 years specialising in the design and manufacture of Communication Network & Monitoring Equipment providing high system availability, resilient communications including self healing networks and path protection. In addition FTI supplies turnkey Communication (Data, Voice, Video) & Monitoring Systems to the Airport/Radar, CATV, Data Communications, Monitoring & Control, Security & Surveillance and Telecommunication Markets.

Designs and manufactures fibre optic communications equipment for telecommunications and data communications markets, including airports, radar, and defence. Consultants for the design of fibre optic networks. Installs and maintains single-mode, multimode fibre cable and communication equipment worldwide.

FTI Communication Systems Ltd is the leading company for UK Airport Control Tower to Navigational Equipment optical fibre networks since 1984. Airports: BFS, BHD, BHX, EDI, EMA, GLA, IOM, LGW, LHR, MAN, NCL, NWI, OXF, PIK & STN. Designers of Airfield optical fibre networks BHX, EDI, IOM, LGW, LHR, MAN, NCL.

Supplier to UK Civil Aviation Authority & National Air Traffic Services since 1984. We have worked with the UK Civil Aviation Authority since 1984, now National Air traffic Services both Airport Systems (NSL) & En Route (NERL) on airfield communications for Control Towers, Radars, Navigational Equipment (ILS) and Radios. For British Airports Authority (BAA) remote control monitoring systems for Airfield Ground Lighting and communications infrastructure for Airport Terminals.

We are collaborating with the University of Warwick on SIL (Safety Integrity Level) approved communications for Safety Critical Applications that encompasses Virtual Control Towers, Airfield Communications and Remote Control Monitoring Systems.

Our interest in Remotely Operated Control Towers is in the consultancy, network design, communications equipment manufacture and system integration to provide resilient safety critical communications.

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